Ask Sex Coach Leigh: I’m having issues with erectile dysfunction. I’ve taken Viagra in the past, but it’s not working…

A: Hi lovely! Erectile issues can be frustrating and confusing, especially when they feel unpredictable. But I want to validate something for you: difficulty getting or maintaining an erection does NOT mean that you’re not attracted to your partner, or that you are not enjoying your sexual interactions. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is common, and […]

Ask Sex Coach Leigh: Do you think we live in a rape culture? Do women contribute to rape culture? If so, how?

[Content note: discussion of sexual assault] A: Hi lovely! Thank you for your question(s). I do think we live in a rape culture, which I would define as a patriarchal culture that minimizes and normalizes sexual harassment, violence and abuse through its media, laws, politics and institutions. I believe the best antidote to this is […]

Ask Sex Coach Leigh: What are strategies for a monogamous partner to manage jealousy and insecurity in a relationship with a polyamorous relationship anarchist?

A: Hi lovely! It’s understandable that you’ve been having a tough time with this – in a lot of ways, you and your partner are on opposite ends of the relationship style spectrum. I want to validate that different relationship styles can be challenging even when both partners are polyamorous. Hierarchy and relationship anarchy can […]

Ask Sex Coach Leigh: I’m a bi cis female with a wife. We are planning a threesome with a man in two weeks. How do I practice the safest sex possible? I’m not on birth control.

  A: Hi lovely! That’s super-exciting. I’m so glad you and your wife have found someone to have a new sexual experience with, and that you are actively thinking about safer sex. The first thing I would suggest is to make sure that everyone has had a recent STI test, preferably a full panel test. […]

Ask Sex Coach Leigh: Help,I pinched my spinal cord and I can’t perform like I did before I got hurt…

  A: Hi lovely! I’m so sorry about your injury, and how it has impacted your sexual functioning. I’m happy to give you some suggestions for increasing pleasure, but first I want to talk about communication. You seem to be making some assumptions about your wife’s experience: that sex is too much work for her, […]