Toy Review: the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

A few months back the lovely folks from Satisfyer emailed us asking if we’d like to try a toy for review. As you might have noticed, we have not done many reviews in the past, but times are changin’. Both Tanya and I have a newfound interest in toys and are excited to give this whole reviewing thing another shot.

This is my first experience with the Satisfyer line (I’ve also never used the Womanizer, I hope to try it soon to compare!), and my first suction-style toy. In the past, I have struggled with masturbation issues, as well as weird feelings about sex toys- and while those issues are still there off and on, I am making lots of progress (Thanks, Sex Coach Leigh!). I am telling you this because I want to note that I am not someone who owns a lot of sex toys or necessarily masturbates all too often. I was not expecting to like this toy as much as I did.

Let’s start with the basics of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

This toy is a clitoral stimulator made of silicone and ABS. It looks like a thermometer, but it has a very lovely feel because of the silicone. It offers double stimulation- air pulse technology (feels like suction), plus vibration, with two separate motors (Cool!). You can do both at the same time, or one at a time, whichever you prefer. With 11 pressure wave intensities and 10 vibration programs, you have tons of options.

To use the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration I spread my labia apart and put the round part over my exposed clitoris. This seems like it might be easy, but I had a hard time finding my clit at first. It was much better when my partner helped me place it (It has become our routine through working with my sex coach to have my partner watch and help me masturbate, and this was the first toy we used! Hooray! I wrote about that more on Patreon).

Switch the suction air pressure on or off by pressing the main button for two seconds. Once it is placed where you want it you don’t have to move it anymore, which I loved. Press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to increase or decrease the levels. Control the vibration programs with the bottom circular button- again, pressing for two seconds to turn on or off, and with each click, it will change the rhythm (faster, slower, different rhythm patterns, etc).

This toy comes with a rechargeable battery, meaning it is wireless. I hadn’t ever had a rechargeable toy before (yes, I am a newb!). It is important to note that there are magnets on this device, so don’t keep it near your credit cards, and remember that magnetic fields can affect mechanical and electronic devices such as pacemakers.  It is waterproof and easy to clean. You can even remove the silicone head!


Now, for the good stuff…

I LOVE THIS TOY! It says on the packaging you can have even more intense orgasms by using it underwater, but since I don’t have a bathtub I couldn’t try that, however, I will be using it in the shower sometime soon and will report back.

When I was working at my local sex toy shop I heard a lot of buzz about the Satisfyer line. People seemed to either love it or hate it, many complaining that it is just too intense, so much so that it is painful. That was not my experience. I ripped open the package and immediately set it to the highest setting, as I have every time since.

I actually didn’t even realize the vibration setting (bottom button) for at least three weeks as I used it over and over in a blissed out state. Guess I should have read the manual first.  (Yep- I used it at least a few times a week, pretty unusual for me). My partner tried it after me and she said that it was almost too intense for her, so she kept it on the lowest setting without ever using the vibration. See, we’re all different and I’m thankful that there is different settings and options of how to use it.

Here’s why I’m surprised I like the toy:

I assumed I would be too sensitive to it since I’d heard so many others were, especially given my past experiences with toys and vibrators. The satisfyer delivered a fast and intense orgasm for me, every single time. I am much more used to using my fingers to stimulate my clitoris and taking it slow and steady (but I rarely ever orgasm this way, and that is always fine with me).

Basically, I guess I was surprised that this toy had me letting go so quick and coming every time. Good work, Satisfyer… I am completely satisfied ;). (I had to!)

Click the images below to purchase your own Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, and thanks again for sending my new favorite toy!



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Megan Ashley is a queer, poly, kinky princess who talks about all things sex and relationships on the internet. Her work focuses on polyamory, mental health, trauma, and healing.

About Megan Ashley

Megan Ashley is a queer, poly, kinky princess who talks about all things sex and relationships on the internet. Her work focuses on polyamory, mental health, trauma, and healing.

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