Ask A Sexual Sexpert

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“If you are completely compatible with a partner on every little thing in life, except sex, what do you do? Deal breaker? Deal with it? I dunno.”

This can be a difficult situation for any couple to face but we’ve come up with six options for you to consider.

  • Therapy- Seeking professional help can come in many forms. From traditional counseling to a more intimate experience with a sex coach or surrogate, there are trained experts who can help you explore different techniques and options for sexual pleasure in your relationship.
  • Open Relationships- If you and your partner are willing to explore opening your relationship up, this can definitely take pressure off a partner that’s unable to have sex. This requires a lot of trust and communication but is a valid lifestyle choice for many couples.
  • Swinging- If as a couple you both would like to experience sex with other partners, swinging is an option.
  • Dealing with it- If sex isn’t an essential aspect of your relationship and you’re both willing to focus on other ways of being intimate, a fulfilling relationship is still possible.
  • Leaving- Recognize that your own sexual needs and desires are valid and if other options aren’t working, leaving a relationship is a tough decision but it’s sometimes the only option.