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Ask Sex Coach Leigh: I’m having issues with erectile dysfunction. I’ve taken Viagra in the past, but it’s not working…

A: Hi lovely! Erectile issues can be frustrating and confusing, especially when they feel unpredictable. But I want to validate something for you: difficulty getting or maintaining an erection does… Read more »

Ask Sex Coach Leigh: Do you think we live in a rape culture? Do women contribute to rape culture? If so, how?

[Content note: discussion of sexual assault] A: Hi lovely! Thank you for your question(s). I do think we live in a rape culture, which I would define as a patriarchal… Read more »

Ask Sex Coach Leigh: is there a correlation between molestation and hypersexuality?

[Content Note: discussion of sexual trauma] Hi lovely! This is a tough and important topic. Thank you so much for reaching out. To ensure that I’m answering your question as… Read more »

Ask Sex Coach Leigh: How can we be body positive in a sex positive world?

i lovely! Thank you so much for your question. I understand where you’re coming from – this is complicated, often contradictory-seeming stuff, made all the more confusing by the mixed… Read more »